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FDKM organises courses to obtain the qualification of OPERATOR TOAP “Police Operational Techniques”. The TOAP Course is an exclusive FDKM Police Combat System course and is conducted in suitable facilities and locations affiliated with FDKM. The TOAP qualification is reserved for all Police Operators and Officers working in the security sector. The course offered by FDKM is a high-level specialisation course that deals with all the low-profile techniques that are useful to put into practice in order to be able to deal with different danger scenarios and to better manage stress and panic while working in total safety. The total duration of the course is 32 hours divided into four days.


Course duration 16 hours

    • guard position to be taken in front of a danger scenario
  2. FALLS
    • front, side, back
    • getting off the ground
    • direct and cross, uppercut and hook, elbow (vertical and horizontal)
    • front kick to the genitals, low circular kick to the thigh
    • knees
    • front, side, from behind – unbalancing the centre of gravity and locking police
    • wrist grips (front and from behind)
    • front, side and rear stranglehold defence
    • frontal, lateral and rear body grab defence
    • neck grab defence with the arm from behind, 2 techniques
    • strangulation defence (bear hold and guillotine)
    • cross grip, 2 techniques (butterfly lock)
    • defence against a knife at the throat, 4 techniques
    • pointed knife defence (abdomen, side and back)
    • slap shot defence
    • kick defence (low-medium-high)
    • high, side and low frontal stick and bottle defence
    • direct punch defence, 2 techniques
    • ground strangulation defence, 3 techniques (bridged)
    • ground stabilisations and releases
    • ground defence from kicks
    • ground knife defence (high and medium in the face)


Course duration 16 hours

    • general review of techniques from previous modules in an operational uniform
    • defence from neck attack, from behind with envelope or rope
    • defence from a moving knife – high, in the face and abdomen
    • gun – 5 techniques – (high and low), (side), (from behind)
    • holstered weapon defence, 4-sided
    • knife defence, seated (neck in front and from behind)
    • defence from a pistol, seated (frontal side and from behind)
    • defence against third parties with frontal and lateral strangulations
    • defence against third parties with body holds
    • defence against third parties with a knife to the throat, abdomen and back
    • defence against third parties at gunpoint at medium distance, 4 directions (high and low)
    • defence against two attackers at the same time with weapons or bare hands
    • management and control of a stopped subject with a single operator and with two operators
    • L-method approach system
    • management and control of a person undergoing TSO ( mandatory health treatment)
    • searching and restraining a subject standing, kneeling and on the ground
    • attacks on the move and defence with the weapon held
    • control of a car with one or more cooperative and uncooperative persons on board
    • use and techniques with service Handcuffs
    • use and techniques with deterrent means in equipment
    • front-, side- and rear-activated service vehicle attacks (vehicle exit)
    • approach and entry into dwelling for intervention with simulated assault


  • police operators
  • sports medical certificate for non-competitive sports fitness


The costs for obtaining the OPERATOR TOAP qualification include insurance with the sports promotion body AICS:

  • official FDKM T-shirt – TOAP;
  • certificate of qualification TOAP OPERATOR;
  • personal card;
  • TOAP patch.

Upon successful completion of the course, together with the Teachers’ assessment, a certificate of attendance will be issued, demonstrating and certifying the acquisition of high-profile knowledge and skills in Personal Defence and Operational Techniques for operators belonging to the Police Force. The qualification from OPERATOR TOAP “Police Operational Techniques” is recognised for Curricular purposes. Within the framework of the POLICE FORCES, the operator acquires a high level of personal and professional preparation that enables him/her to better manage various danger scenarios through the use of low-profile techniques. The relevant Administrations may consider the registration of the qualification OPERATOR TOAP “Operational Techniques Police Officers” as this is a course attended privately, or by order of the administration to which it belongs, at schools, institutes or civil organisations that comply with the five fundamental points:

  • it deals with relevant and significant topics in the institutional field;
  • it enables the effective improvement of cultural and professional conditions;
  • carried out at suitable public or regularly licensed private facilities, with the award of a certified and nationally recognised qualification;
  • it provides for a final assessment and evaluation;
  • relevance to the task performed or to a possible future task.