FDKM Police Combat System

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Courses for the training and specialisation of professional masters in Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga self-defence, Police & Military for all police officers, army officers and operators in the national and international security sector. In addition to the VIP protection programme of Close Protection courses, our training also covers professional Shooting and Special courses.


Self-defence and anti-aggression courses for women are important and necessary to defend oneself against an attack that can happen at any time in everyday life. Our courses to become self-defence instructors in Israeli Ju-Jitsu krav maga are geared towards teaching the basic techniques to be used to defend oneself and escape from an attack without hurting oneself and possibly without hurting the attacker. One learns to defend oneself against attacks with a stick, bottle, knife, gun, kicks and punches and in the various possible positions i.e. standing or from the ground.


The Police operator and instructor courses are important for all policemen who carry out their work in the service of the state on a daily basis. The training is based on analysis and study to quickly learn all the techniques of disarming, locking and handcuffing one or more people in total safety with the use of some of the tools provided such as the tonfa, kubotan, handcuffs and gun.

Close Protection courses are aimed at all operators and instructors working in the field of VIP or security protection. The course is divided into several teaching sections, from the study of techniques used in close protection, to scenario analysis, team handling, site evacuation and shooting training.


Shooting courses are aimed at all police officers, armed forces and enthusiasts in dynamic shooting and Soft Air sports. Each course offered in the FDKM Shooting course category has different objectives with specific training in indoor, outdoor and shooting locations, the ultimate goal of which is to learn how to use, store and handle weapons safely.


FDKM Special offers several interesting courses, from climbing to parachuting, orienteering and subaquatics. These courses are run by professionals and are aimed at all sports enthusiasts who want to improve, learn or try out new courses.