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Women's Krav Maga Course

FDKM Police Combat System ASD, organises courses to qualify as an FDKM Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga Women’s Instructor. The courses are aimed exclusively at FDKM instructors and cover every aspect of safety and how to prevent attacks. All exercises and techniques that any woman can put into practice are analysed, including the use of makeshift objects such as a handbag, magazines and other items. The training for the specialisation addresses all the specific sections on female anti-aggression, with the aim of training every woman to defend herself against probable aggression under different stress, complex and multi-hostile scenarios.

Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga Woman Instructor

Course duration 8 hours


  • aggressions
  • who is our aggressor
  • prevention, how to avoid an aggression
  • blows to be used
  • krav maga techniques
  • ground techniques
  • use of makeshift objects
  • self-defence exercises with simulations in different scenarios under the same


  • seminars
  • conferences
  • public demonstrations
  • teaching and opening courses in conjunction with the FDKM Instructor qualification


  • FDKM Instructor 1st Level Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga
  • Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga instructor (also from other federations, schools or other bodies)
  • having reached the age of majority
  • no criminal convictions and no criminal record in progress
  • sports medical certificate for non-competitive sports fitness

All course participants will be awarded and recognised:

  • FDKM Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga female instructor certificate
women's krav maga