Fdkm Special Diving Courses

Scuba diving is a sporting discipline that allows humans to remain in a predominantly aquatic environment after a dive, whether in fresh or salt water. This permanence is possible with the help of equipment suitable for the purpose or thanks to one’s own breathing capacities. Scuba diving today is considered one of the most popular sports in the world, involving civilians, martial arts enthusiasts, combat sports professionals, military personnel, security operators and members of the police force, each with a different objective but with the same spirit and desire to learn and reach the final goal. FDKM Underwater Diving courses are organised by the FDKM Police Combat System. The equipment used during the FDKM courses is of the latest generation and the best brands on the market.


Course duration 8 hours

The Underwater Shooting Course (Underwater Target Shooting) trains you to learn how to shoot with a rifle while underwater, hitting a few fixed targets. The training helps you handle dangerous and panic situations by controlling all technical and practical aspects of target shooting in the water. Breathing, control and accuracy will be the main factors in this course.

  • discovery;
  • padi scuba diver;
  • open water diver;
  • advanced open water;
  • deep diver;
  • rescue diver;
  • 1st level courses;
  • 2nd level courses;
  • 3rd level courses.


Fdkm Special Diving Courses


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