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Krav Maga Military Instructor Courses

The Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga Military Instructor Courses are organised by FDKM Police Combat System ASD. Participants are provided with a wealth of simple and effective techniques, learning them requires minimal time to ensure maximum results. Our system integrates different tools and weapons, enhancing the ability to make the right decision in the face of sudden violent aggression. The system works on multiple threat and attack scenarios, offering the operator and soldier the most effective and secure solutions. Scenarios applied to the operator individually or in a group, armed or unarmed, in threat conditions at close range or in open spaces, we provide alternatives and solutions including the use of force in extreme situations by developing both offensive and defensive techniques and tactics. The courses are aimed at all military personnel who face their enemy in extreme cases. Military krav maga training is different from the krav maga used in the civilian environment. A soldier is trained to face a war and as such it is often important to neutralise the enemy in cases of necessity to protect one’s own survival. The techniques used in the military are varied, one must know how to act if one is a hostage, handcuffed, lying down, seated, and in whatever position of difficulty one finds oneself.


Course duration 8 hours


  • techniques with weapons to immobilise the aggressor
  • stress, endurance and evacuation techniques
  • teamwork techniques
  • combat techniques with blades and unconventional weapons


  • seminars
  • conferences
  • public demonstrations
  • teaching and opening courses in conjunction with the FDKM Instructor qualification


  • FDKM instructor 1st Level Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga
  • Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga instructor (also from other federations, schools or other bodies)
  • having reached the age of majority
  • no criminal convictions and no criminal record in progress
  • sports medical certificate for non-competitive sports fitness

All course participants will be awarded and recognised:

  • FDKM Israeli Ju-Jitsu Krav Maga Military Instructor Certificate
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