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FDKM Special Climbing Courses

Fun is guaranteed with this sport. There are no bets, there are no peaks to conquer, but only climbing to be, with respect, in the midst of nature and together with one’s friends. These are the basics of a real climbing course. That’s why FDKM collaborates with the best schools for climbing courses, where sport and nature are in the foreground. It is important to rely on experienced and competent people, it is important to choose the right material and the places to climb. Whether it is an artificial wall. or rock, the important thing is to know the basic techniques of this fantastic sport. Join us and have fun with the new FDKM Special adventures, seminars and courses are aimed at all civilians who want to experience new emotions and learn more about the mountains, and at all police force operators. All FDKM Special courses take place both in Italy and worldwide in FDKM-approved facilities and locations. The FDKM Climbing Operator courses consist of three operational modules.


FDKM Artificial Wall Climbing Courses


FDKM Rock Climbing Courses
  • Basic climbing techniques: managing the centre of gravity; correct use of the feet; optimal leg thrust; fundamental progression as a basic motor principle; climbing tactics.
  • The safety chain: belays; use of the rope; methods of belaying a partner; the fall factor.
  • Special manoeuvres: recovery hoists; the double rope; preparation; recovery.
  • Rope progression: climbing a multi-pitch route and analysing the safety of the roped party and the various types of belays on the wall;
  • Evidence of falling from the first rope.


Ice climbing involves climbing this surface with the help of ice axes and crampons, but also with the use of other useful materials on ice formations that exploit ice corridors and gorges, or seracs in high mountains or on icefalls in medium mountains. Belaying can be done on the ice itself using ice screws.

FDKM Ice Climbing


The course includes the study and practice of operational techniques in abseiling using double ropes for special police operators. You will learn special operative techniques using ropes. This module is reserved for law enforcement officers.

Operating Techniques Rope Descent FDKM