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FDKM Turin – Club Villa Glicini: Self Defence Course

20 June 20:30 - 22:00

FDKM Gymnastics Victoria Turin Villa Glicini Club Open Day 11-20 June 2024

Open Day Free Course

FDKM Gymnastics Victoria Turin Villa Glicini Club Open Day 11-20 June 2024

Open day free self-defence course consisting of 2 lessons to be held on Tuesday 11 and Thursday 20 June at FDKM & Gymnastics Victoria Torino Villa Glicini Club in viale Ceppi 5 in Turin. The two totally free lessons will start at 20.30 and end at 22.00. A unique event to discover self-defence open to everyone without age limits. You will learn the basic self-defence techniques of the krav maga method, simple techniques to put into action in case of need within everyone’s reach without the use of force, in fact the krav maga method is based on the use of simple and effective levers. Book now to secure your place on this free course, you will be able to see for yourself in the gym how easily you can learn these self-defence techniques. Fill in the form to enrol, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to present yourself directly on the day of the course.

FDKM & Victoria Gymnastics Turin
Club Villa Glicini


    Free Course Lessons choose one or more lessons:

    Limited places book now to secure your place.
    If you would like to bring other people with you (friends, children, etc.), you will need to enter a new request with the participant's details.
    NB: Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one parent and attend the free lessons together (again, you will need to enter two requests).
    After your registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration, if you do not receive the email please check your spam box or contact the FDKM secretariat.


    1. to be in a psychophysical condition suitable for the activity;

    2. to know and accept all the rules of the regulations of this course sports event

    3. not to have taken and not to have taken in the 48 hours preceding the activity any narcotic and/or psychotropic substances, not to be under the effect of medication, not to have exceeded the consumption of alcoholic beverages and food

    4. to be aware of the risks, foreseeable and unforeseeable, connected with the practice of the activity even though it cannot be considered a potentially dangerous activity;

    5. to assume as of now any and all responsibility with regard to my person, for personal injury and/or damage caused to others (and/or to property) due to my behaviour that does not comply with the rules relating to the discipline to be performed

    6. for myself, as well as for my heirs and/or assigns, to release ASD FDKM Police Combat System, the Ginnastica Victoria Torino SSD, the gymnasium/structure hosting the seminar/course, the AICS Committee, collaborators and/or employees of the aforementioned, as well as their heirs and/or assigns, from any and all liability for injury, death and/or any damage (even caused by third parties), which may be caused to my person on the occasion of and due to the activity performed

    7. that I am aware that the self-defence sport of israeli ju-jitsu krav maga may strain my joints and muscles; furthermore, I have been informed of the activity I am going to perform and of the risks and dangers associated with it;

    8. that I do not have any pathologies that may endanger me or the group during the activity I am going to carry out;

    9. that I have carefully read and evaluated the contents of this document and have clearly understood the meaning of each point before signing. I fully approve and agree with the aims of these rules established for my own safety and that not respecting them may place both me and my companions in a dangerous situation;

    10. In the course of carrying out social activities, in order to better promote dissemination, the opportunity may occasionally arise to publish on the website, social media, brochures, flyers, magnetic media or promotional material of various kinds, short videos and/or texts accompanied by photographs depicting course participants and the facility used. For this purpose, prior authorisation is requested in accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016. Please note that such publication may only take place without financial demands of any kind (in full respect of the non-profit nature of our amateur sports association) and that the persons depicted will have the right, at any time, to request the deletion of their image from such media. The deletion will take place as soon as possible, subject to the necessary technical time. We shall also inform you whenever such opportunities arise, so that you may express, if necessary, your wish not to appear on the supports provided, therefore I authorise the dissemination of the images of me for the purposes described above;

    11. I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purposes strictly connected with and instrumental to the sole purpose of registering in FDKM for the performance of the sports activities offered by the ASD FDKM Police Combat System. Read our privacy policy for more information on how we process your personal data.

    Digital Signature
    digital signature for acceptance
    (if under 18 years of age, signature of parental authority)

    FDKM Turin – Villa Glicini Club
    Viale Ceppi 5, 10126 Turin (TO)


    20 June
    20:30 - 22:00
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    Viale Ceppi, 5


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