Dynamic Shooting Instructor Course

FDKM Dynamic Shooting Instructor Course

FDKM organises courses for the training and qualification as Dynamic Shooting Instructors. The FDKM Dynamic Shooting Instructor qualification provides for the acquisition and application of sporting and operational dynamic shooting techniques to manage complex scenarios, even under stress, which require high-profile knowledge and skills in order to be able to handle them to the best of one’s ability. The course provides training in knowledge and handling of weapons, disciplines of the various modules, close-range protection, tactical medicine, regulation and safety.


Course duration 60 hours

The training consists of 8 modules for a total of approximately 60 hours of training. For 6 training modules, the aspiring instructor will have to acquire the qualification of operator in order to take the final exam and acquire the qualification of Dynamic Shooting Instructor. In detail, the individual courses will take place over the course of a calendar year on several days of 8 hours each (from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00 on each day). The course comprises the following training days:

  • Online Course theoretical lesson (laws, regulations and standards);
  • TODA Operator (Operational Techniques Housing Defence);
  • SCNL Operator (Shooting Combat No Light);
  • TCMS Operator (Tactical Combat Medic Shooting)
  • CFSD Operator (Car Fighting Self Defence);
  • CPSA Operator (Close Protection Security Agent);
  • STDS Operator (Special Training Dynamic Shooting);
  • Final Examination (simulation of operational scenarios).


  • having reached the age of majority;
  • not having criminal convictions and no previous criminal record;
  • sports medical certificate for non-competitive sports fitness

The course is intended for persons working in the field of public or private security. Police Forces, Military, GPGs and Security Operators. The course is also aimed at all those who wish to undertake this profession for private companies, such as security and surveillance companies.
Once it has been checked and ascertained that the requirements comply with the FDKM regulations, the possibility of participating in the FDKM Dynamic Shooting Instructor Course will be communicated. The course will be group-based, and will take place in the cities planned by the FDKM Executive Board.


At the end of the course it will be released:

  • TODA Operator Certificate (Operational Techniques Housing Defence);
  • SCNL Operator Certificate (Shooting Combat No Lighit);
  • TCMS Operator Certificate (Tactical Combat Medic Shooting);
  • CFSD Operator Certificate (Car Fighting Self Defence);
  • CPSA Operator Certificate (Close Protection Security Agent);
  • STDS Operator Certificate (Special Training Dynamic Shooting);
  • FDKM Certificate teaching authorisation;
  • FDKM Budopass with current sports year stamp;
  • Official T-shirt FDKM Instructor;
  • Educational Programme of the complete course;
  • FDKM Diploma Dynamic Shooting Instructor.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to start the practice for the issuance of the:

  • AICS NATIONAL DIPLOMA Dynamic Sport Shooting Instructor;
  • AICS MEMBERSHIP Dynamic Sports Shooting Instructor;
  • NATIONAL REGISTER Dynamic Sport Shooting Instructors.


The Dynamic Shooting Instructor qualification is recognised for Curricular purposes. In the private sector, the certificate has value in the free negotiation between the parties for the assignment as Safety Operator. The course will take place with Soft Air weapons in facilities affiliated with the FDKM. The aspiring instructor will be provided with teaching and training materials for each event and at the end he/she will receive a certificate of attendance for each Operator course. Upon passing the final exam, he will receive the Dynamic Sport Shooting Instructor’s Diploma issued by the AICS sports promotion body.


Course Location: TURIN

  • Online CourseTBD;
  • TODA OperatorTBD;
  • SCNL OperatorTBD;
  • TCMS OperatorTBD;
  • CFSD OperatorTBD;
  • CPSA OperatorTBD;
  • STDS OperatorTBD;
  • Final ExaminationTBD.
Dynamic Shooting Instructor Course
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