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fdkm course cpsa operator close protection security agent

FDKM organises courses to obtain the CPSA Close Protection Security Agent qualification. The FDKM CPSA course takes place in suitable facilities and is delivered exclusively by FDKM Police Combat System. The CPSA course is accessible to all, and is especially useful for Security, Military and Police Operators. The training covers all the technical and instructional sections under stress that an operator needs to know in order to best handle complex and multi-hostile scenarios. The compressive duration of the course is 32 hours divided into four days. The course is divided into 30% theory and 70% practice. The practical training lessons will be held in suitable fitness rooms and at the Soft Air Range, starting from different basic level sections and reaching the most prestigious level where an operator acquires a good knowledge of tactical self-defence operational techniques, shooting techniques and close protection. The course, structured in intensive mode, will cover various topics that will alternate continuously in order to build psycho-physical schemes adapted to both individual work and team work and under conditions of prolonged stress. In particular, training methods developed by Israeli units to manage and maintain control over terrorist attacks, VIP protection, conditioning in different environments and armed response methods against violent aggressors will be analysed. The course will also cover topics such as psycho-physical conditioning and combat skills, defence techniques against armed assaults and handling violent events. All training sessions will be held in different open and closed environments.


Course duration 32 hours

1st day

  • 09:00/12:00 (Conference Room): introduction and presentation of the course, theoretical lectures with audiovisual visualisations;
  • 12:00/13:00 noon (Fitness room): physical tests (essential for final assessment);
  • 13:00/14:00 (Lunch break);
  • 14:00/18:00 (Fitness room): study of techniques, positions and strokes used by an FDKM Operator, study of the various levels.

2nd day

  • 09:00/13:00 (Conference Room): theory lessons with audiovisual visualisations on the movements and positions of a Security Operator;
  • 13:00/14:00 (Lunch break);
  • 14:00/18:00 (Fitness room): technical study, positions of a Security Operator.

3rd day

  • 08:00/13:00 (Soft Air Polygon): movements in an open scenario, team movements with vehicles, R.A.I. activation, entry techniques and building clearance, evacuations;
  • 13:00/14:00 (Lunch break);
  • 14:00/18:00 (Continuation at the Soft Air Range): movements in an open scenario, team movements with vehicles, R.A.I. activation, entry techniques and building clearance, evacuations.

4th day

  • 09:00/13:00 hours (Soft Air Polygon): firearms exercises on the firing line, on the move in open and closed scenarios with activation, simulations and protection of the protectee, single and team movements;
  • 13:00/14:00 (Lunch break);
  • 14:00/18:00 (Soft Air Polygon): R.A.I. activation, building entry and clearance techniques, evacuation in an open scenario with team movements with vehicles;
  • 17:00/18:00 (5th DAY only): Final examinations in written form.


  • having reached the age of majority;
  • not having criminal convictions and no previous criminal record;
  • sports medical certificate for non-competitive sports fitness


  • FDKM athletes Operators;
  • self-defence enthusiasts;
  • security operators;
  • members of the Armed Forces;
  • police officers.


After a final examination and successful completion of the course assessed by the teachers, a certificate of attendance will be issued, demonstrating and certifying the acquisition of high profile knowledge and skills in the field. The CPSA Operator qualification is recognised for curricular purposes, the operator acquires a high level of personal and professional preparation that enables him/her to manage different danger scenarios with a low profile. In the Police Forces, the relevant Administrations may consider whether to register the CPSA Operator qualification as the latter is a course attended privately or by order of the administration to which it belongs, at schools, institutes or civil organisations that comply with five fundamental points:

  • deals with relevant and significant topics in the institutional sphere;
  • enables the effective improvement of cultural and professional conditions;
  • is carried out in suitable, regularly licensed public and private facilities, with the award of a certified, legally recognised and nationally valid qualification;
  • includes a final examination and assessment;
  • relevance to the task performed or to a possible future task.
fdkm cpsa course
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